- day of triffids makes humanity band together
- caused by oryx and crake
- after banding together peace and new society eventually become fairly utopian after abandoning earth for mars
- Standard martian ray gun: stun – wavy white beam kill – straight blue
- Clones: not strictly illegal but frowned upon
- singularity never really happened due to heavy plateauing in intellectual and developmental advances. AI is possible but extremely difficult to produce at human level. Not seen as advantageous, just a headache to deal with ethically. easier to use limited AI for tasks
- Religion is extremely rare, has little effect on day to day life or public policy. Although certain areas have cults and some colonies are founded spiritually.
- travel is accomplished via quantum routing localized space, producing a wormhole effect. shorter distance travel is accomplished via artificial gravity wells
- Psionics is rare to the point of non-existence among humans. Presents usually only if foreign DNA exists in lineage. Even among aliens limited to mild telepathy, telekinesis, and electrokenesis (except among highly evolved entities with ‘Magik’)
- time travel is theoretically possible and several practical methods have been devised. attempting to time travel is illegal. rumours of rogue attempts never seem to amount to any recognizable result
- terraforming takes 5-180 years depending on planetary conditions. some planets are to extreme to be terraformed
- space stations exist mostly as the top of space elevators or research stations in areas void of habitable planets, asteroids, or moons.
- teleportation is possible however ethically muddy. few make use of it although other races use them without concern. It is more standard to open a small wormhole and take a pod through, or use a shuttle — if a portal receiving station is not set up.
- multi-universes in theory exist but since wormholes by definition use the space and laws of this universe they can not be used to travel to another. theoretically one could travel to the extreme edge of our universe and propel from one to another but it is probable doing so would destroy all matter rather than landing it else where. the probable method would be to teleport across as encoding into the other universe. this would require a receiver on the other side and a way to transmit information. when a universal end is eventually charted there are many experiments planned
- estimated less than 0.0000001% of universe mapped by all known races combined
- < 10% milky way mapped
- < 2% explored
- 42 Alien societies currently active 38 more based on second hand reports 16 distinct extinct societies.
- most exploration and travel occurs within milky way as level of visual information allows for easy course plotting. Travelling randomly into unknown space can result in going to pointless emptyiness or dangerous terrain.
- martian colonies 28 with population > 1 billion; 31 < 1 bill > 100 mill; 102 < 100 mill > 20,000; 523 registered < 20,000
- post scarcity most things readily available rare items requested based on purpose or crafted and traded or gifted based on loose social economy and favor trade or providing resources for construction.
- government true democracy with optional offloading of vote to proxy representation
- government levels regional, planetary martian federation, various inter-societal diplomatic councils
- law: innocent til proven guilty. Trails run by highly trained judges laws generally only cover actions that directly harm or unfairly reduce quality of life, also restrict preparations to cause the above (sounds simple but in essence covers very many things)
- since virtually all of the current human stock derives from one colony that had modern communication and record keeping the various earth dialects fell into disuse aside from. English, russian, punjabi, chinese, japanese and korean. as only a small community was comunicating internally and English was the most tech friendly form of written language the roman alphabet became standard. It was however, the least widely spoken language. about ten generations into the coloney earth languages were spoken only as a novelty or for historical purposes. the language officially spoken by all of humanity was a non-tonal mish mash using roman characters.
- races mostly disappeared by the tenth generation. most people showed slight ancestral leanings and some were visually predominantly one race or another but 80% of people were truly mixed racial background.
- today mars is 97% human the remaining 3% is split too small to note individual races here.
- power sources: extremely efficient solar conductors, controlled fusion/fission reactions.
-nanotech mostly pointless, aside from medicine and circuitry and compounds. but no tiny AI or killer bot swarms. Also Crystal data storage.
- long range communication via quantum entanglement hub network.
- Shields based off either gravity wells or particle screens.
- limited cloaking exists although most advanced species can work around it with advanced sensor equipment.
- most scanners – advanced particle spectral analyzers.
- average life span 270 with 305 upper limit.
- Branches of government:
Applied Social Care
Research and Development
Infrastructure Maintenance
Intersteller Affairs